Between a Rock & a Hard Place

Younger men are her weakness...

Between a Rock & a Hard Place - Laya D'Pearce - Saucy Reads
Part of the The Snow Leopard series:
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 24

Who knew you could get you THIS hot and bothered trail running?

When forty-something freelance writer Kat Snow agrees to interview ultra marathoner, Saxon Delgado, she realises from the get go that he has other ideas.

Tall, athletic and good looking, Saxon is used to getting his own way with women, even if they are twenty years older than he is. Especially if they are twenty years older...

When Saxon arranges for Kat to meet him for a trail run before the interview, she is intrigued.

After all, it’s not every day she gets an audience with a hot, young billionaire… and ends up getting caught between a rock and a hard place...




After twenty minutes, the elevation got the better of me, and my calves were burning. I had trouble catching my breath. I was trailing behind Saxon, who was powering ahead. The muscles in his legs were working hard, and his back and shoulders were drenched in sweat. I had an overwhelming urge to lick the sweat from his back and taste the salt.

Saxon slowed down to wait for me. ‘We’re nearly at the summit. Another few minutes and we’re there.’

I shot daggers at him. ‘Why on Earth did you bring me up here?’

He laughed. ‘You’ll see. When I do interviews, I find that I’m treated much more sympathetically when journos run a mile in my shoes. Careful. The track’s tricky here.’ He reached out his hand, and before I could stop myself, I took it.


I felt the electricity as soon as my skin touched his. He felt it too because half-smiled at me. And he didn’t let my hand go. Instead he used it to draw me to him. He lifted my chin and he bowed his head so his mouth covered mine, forcing my lips apart. His mouth was hot, his tongue demanding. His arms circled my body and I could smell his musky scent.