Mile High Club

Younger men are her weakness...

Mile High Club - Laya D'Pearce - Saucy Reads
Editions:Kindle: $ 2.99
Pages: 27

Long flights should always be this exciting…

No stranger to travel, forty-something freelance writer Kat Snow found interesting ways to pass the time on long flights, and it usually involved a hot man.

Checking-in didn’t bring her the usual upgrade to business class she expected, but Kat did cross paths with young, confident Damon… who made sure their chance encounter wasn’t wasted. Twice.

Seated next to silver fox Nathan, Kat discovered he had his own ideas for making time fly in the most… exciting of ways.

And while the mile high club was fun diversion, one man showed Kat that the ground was the best place to be…


My rationale for heading to the bar was that it might be 6.30AM here, but it was twelve noon somewhere else in the world. It was, therefore, totally acceptable for one to be drinking vodka and soda with a young, attractive man, while waiting for one’s flight. Totally acceptable.

The bar was deserted save for a couple of drunk Americans talking loudly about their sexual conquests while they were in Australia. We ordered our drinks and settled into a booth, sitting side by side, almost touching. Damon raised his chin and arched an eyebrow in the direction of the Americans.

‘In my experience, those who talk about it the most are usually the ones that are getting it the least.’

‘In your experience? Do tell,’ I said.

He laughed. ‘Not my style to kiss and tell.’

‘That’s one of my favourite qualities in a man,’ I said. ‘Of course, there are other… qualities… I enjoy equally.’


My hand slipped under the table and brushed his thigh, my touch light as a feather. He responded in kind and slipped his hand between my knees, fingers skimming up my inner thigh. His touch was electric, even through the denim of my boyfriend jeans.