Original Sin

Younger men are her weakness...

A sexy diversion is the best antidote to a break-up...

When forty-something freelance writer Kat Snow is dumped by her much younger boyfriend, she does what any self-respecting career woman should do: takes a writing assignment in Italy at short notice.

When Kat meets Carlos Vassallo, a handsome, successful entrepreneur in his 30s — and who, coincidentally, she'll be interviewing for the magazine — the sparks fly.

Keen to nail the interview — as well as the guy — Kat accepts Carlos' invitation to a dinner party... and enjoys the ultimate in diversion therapy — and a much-needed distraction.


The next night I took a taxi to the address Carlos gave me and knocked on the door. I was surprised how easy his house was to find and access. No security — not that I could see, anyway. He answered the door quickly. I had dressed carefully. Black leather A-line skirt, a black sleeveless blouse — silk — and ballet flats. A black satin clutch completed the look. I wore my hair long, and my make up was minimal: mascara, a hint of blush and a matte, red lipstick. Carlos was casual: a white linen shirt and tan chinos. Bare feet and hair slicked back in a pony-tail finished the look.

‘Ciao, bella,’ he said. ‘You look amazing.’

‘Ciao, Carlos. You look…’ I paused for effect. ‘Good enough to eat.’


‘Hold that thought,’ he said and he pulled me to him as his lips brushed my cheek. The vaguest hint of Opium wafted in my direction, and I brushed up his against his chest. He laced his fingers in mine and led me through the front door to a large, open plan kitchen that smelled of tomato and rosemary and oregano and parmesan cheese. A pine table, at least two metres in length, dominated the centre of the terracotta tiled floor. The table was set for six people: blue wine glasses, silver cutlery, white crockery and rattan place-mats. Silver candelabra. The view over the lake could be seen through the floor-to-ceiling windows, and shy stars were just starting to show themselves in the soft light of dusk.

‘I’m early,’ I said.

‘Exactly,’ Carlos said.

And he pulled me to him again and kissed me long and hard and deep.



  1. Great read. Cheap at twice the price ;-}

    Seriously, OS is very good; several unexpected LOLs, lotsa steam. Certainly, the Margarita action was unexpected, as was the guests interruption. Keep up the good work.

    1. Thank you, Len. We have passed your feedback on to Laya and she is thrilled that you enjoyed it! (And we will email you your copy of The 40 Greatest Sex Scenes Ever Written).

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